We have developed a modern, world-class pharmaceutical plant equipped with state-of-the-art
technology in the state of Aguascalientes. Our facilities have a wide production
capacity and a strict quality control in all its processes.


  • Cleaning and sterilization on site

  • Product Containment

  • Gravity transfer

  • Mixing containers

  • Storage

In our plants, we have production areas for solids, liquids and injectables. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and the most advanced processes in automation, such as our fully automated warehouse that does not have an on-board operator.


We have advanced equipment such as:

  • Bin blenders

  • Blister packaging, cartoning and labeling machines

  • Encapsulating machines

  • On site CIP/SIP sterilization in CIP / SIP

  • Filling train (glass vial and bottle)

  • Powder fillers

  • Tableting machines